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Our interview process is designed around transparency so that everyone who comes onboard has a solid understanding of the highs and lows that a career in sales can bring. An exciting career should always have a good balance of challenges and rewards, and it sounds like you found exactly that at Yelp. While challenges can be expected in any sales role, our employees can always count on a supportive team and manager that are always there to help and cheer you on.


We’re thankful for your time and contributions to Yelp, and wish you the best of luck in your next role. Get started with your Free Employer Profile to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and share your brand story with top talent. Yelp stickers are part of the printed marketing materials, signages, and collateral developed as official Yelp sales support tools.

So, is it possible to remove Yelp reviews?

Include testimonials from satisfied employees in your recruiting materials, but also pepper in positive reviews that mention customer service from satisfied customers when hiring for front-of-house roles. If a reviewer shares an exceptional photo from your restaurant alongside their review, share the photo on social media and include an excerpt of their review in your caption. You could even reply to the review on the review site and link to your social media post to let them know that they were featured on your profile. Because people are inclined to copy others’ actions.

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Every time you list your business information on a website, like Yelp, this is known as alocal citation. Being consistent with your name, email, and phone number helps keep your business consistent in Google’s eyes. Any variations in your contact information will dilute your search power. Selecting amenities that make sense for your business can help users make a quick decision. Maybe your next customer is walking the dog and craving a cup of coffee, but they forgot their wallet. In this case, the “Accepts Apple Pay” attribute will be the driver in their decision-making process.

The Complete Guide to Yelp Reviews: Getting, Removing & More

Similarly, if that dog 5 Things You Absolutely Need To Know As A Business Owner On Yelp is looking to dine in at a pet-friendly restaurant, the “Dogs Allowed” attribute comes in handy. Yelp encourages everyone to download and use their mobile app, which is another reason that check-in offers could help to increase the number of customer engagements on your page. When you know a customer is happy, it’s very natural to verbally ask them for a review as a follow-up. We advise our clients never to ask for reviews in writing. If you can identify the customer who left a positive review in the filter, you can reach out to them and let them know their great review is being hidden because they aren’t active on Yelp. Additionally, you can add them as friends and mark their reviews as useful and cool.

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